Fire Emblem Warriors E3 Trailer and Treehouse Gameplay
Join forces with Chrom, Marth, and Corrin.
Posted on 2017-06-13 by CiaoCiao

Nintendo showed off more of Fire Emblem Warriors their Fire Emblem spinoff by Team Ninja and Omega Force. Similar to Hyrule Warriors, this game is designed in the same vein as Dynasty Warriors.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, you play as two original characters, Rowan and Lianna, twin royal siblings of the Aytolis kingdom. One day, your kingdom is attacked by monsters, and you are forced to flee. To reclaim your throne, you join forces with multiple Fire Emblem characters from the many different universes the franchise takes place in. Currently, the confirmed characters include Chrom (Awakening) and Marth (Shadow Dragon) as well as three characters from Fates: Ryoma, Xander, and female Corrin.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS later this year.

During the first day of their Treehouse stream, Nintendo showed off about a half of an hour of Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay, which can be viewed below.