Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Trailer
Mind control enemies with your hat.
Posted on 2017-06-13 by CiaoCiao

Nintendo ended their E3 conference with a trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, showing off the central gimmick of Mario's new (and sentient) hat, Cappy. Mario can perform some spiffy new hat tricks, such as throwing Cappy like a boomerange, but the most notable feature is the ability to toss Cappy on other NPCs and enemies in order to possess them.

Mario hijacks the bodies of other living things to complete a variety of objectives, and each living thing plays completely differently. For example, Bullet Bills allow Mario to fly around and to automatically injure enemies they fly into. Goombas don't have many moves, but Mario can possess them in order to communicate with other goombas. Besides living things, Mario also has the power to hijack nonliving things, such as power lines and cannons. Besides the Cappy-based powers, some other mechanics were also shown off. There are certain walls decorated in NES-styled artwork which Mario can transition into a la wall merging from A Link Between Worlds. You can watch the full trailer below.

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27th this year.

Throughout the post-Spotlight treehouse stream, Nintendo showed off Super Mario Odyssey. Below, you can watch gameplay of the Sand Kingdom and New Donk City.